SERIOUSLY! There is a GOOD REASON Why You are Here Right Now!

We Aren’t Psychics BUT We Know That you Either Want to Be a Great Competitor, Get in Awesome Shape, Challenge Yourself, Do Something Fun, Get Off Your Butt, Lose Weight, Learn How to Work Hard, Meet New People, or ALL OF THE ABOVE!

It isn’t hard to figure out and for us it’s extremely important for us to help you get a great understanding of what we are like before you even decide to pick up your phone, send us an email, or take your time to walk into our facility.   After viewing our website you should have all of your major questions answered before you contact us and even more importantly be apart of our team.   You’re about to be apart of something great.

Would you spend a few minutes reading something if it could give you 30 to 40 years of positive results?….

If you answered YES to this question then it’s very important for you to set aside a very small amount of your time so you can see exactly what the Grapplers Guide Academy is about. You see no other facility in the area, whether it’s a martial arts school or fitness studio has put themselves out there to really tell you what’s in it FOR YOU, they spend so much time talking about themselves that they forget the real reason they are in this field in the first place.  It’s to help YOU and others like yourself.  It’s to help people improve aspects in their lives that can benefit them greatly for years to come. Keep Reading!


Let Me Introduce Myself

My Name is Jason Scully,

I am going to make this quick because as I mentioned before it’s not about me, it’s about you.  I think though if you get an idea of the type of person I am and my goals it’ll help you get an even better understanding of all of the other information you are about to read and what you will experience when you join our team.

Well if you aren’t sure I am the owner of Central Jersey Fitness and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  When many people first see me before they speak with me they think I’m a martial arts coach, a fitness coach, a competitor, etc..  While I may fit those particular categories I personally feel I’m something different then those labels.  I truly feel that I was put on this planet to not just help myself but to help others.  More then anything I have a true passion for doing everything I can do help others bring the best out in themselves.

  • If you want to be a top notch competitor, I LOVE competingand so do many of our students.  I came from a wrestling background so as soon as I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I immediately jumped into the competition scene!
  • If you want to lose weight, we can help you. I have so many students that have lost THOUSANDS of pounds in total!
  • If you want to get away from the stresses of everyday life, I honestly can’t think of a better and more dynamic way.
  • If you go home after work or school and you SIT ON THE COUCH and watch tv or play video games, GET OFF OF IT!
  • If you want to compete and test yourself, I want to help you win that gold medal or championship belt.

I truly LOVE what I do and I hope those who are currently with us can see that as well, and what I do is spend every single second thinking about how other people can break through challenges they face and make their lives better through challenge and support.

“Rave Review!”

When I came to Jason I suffered from terrible asthma. I was barely able to walk down the street without being short of breath. I remember thinking I would never get over it and started to give up hope. Jason taught me ways to control my breathing and after about 6 months I was able to go longer without needing to rest and eventually no longer needed a rescue inhaler. The Grappler’s Guide Academy gave me a new set of lungs and a frame that is 50 pounds lighter then when I walked in. Jason is an amazing instructor who not only has tons of technical knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling he also genuinely cares about the progress of his students. If you’re serious about becoming a better grappler Jason will make that happen. Whether your goal is to compete, lose weight, or just have something new in your life, you will feel right at home once your see the environment that Jason and his students create.

Russell Pearce

White Belt

Sayreville, NJ

There is No Reason For You to Go to a Martial Arts or Fitness Studio and be Intimated to Walk In!

I’m sure there is a high chance that we aren’t the only website you’ve visited and you may have even walked into another facility before.  How did you feel when you visited the other websites? Did you feel welcomed? Even more importantly, how did you feel when you went to the persons facility?

Did it feel weird?

Were people staring at you? 

Did it take a while for someone to notice you? OR did someone notice you but not acknowledge you?

Did the members not even bother to introduce themselves?

Did you feel a little bit put off because you were not sure what it was going to be like?

Were you not sure if someone was going to treat you well?

Were you more worried about meeting new people then actually trying the class or activity?

When you were watching the class did it seem like you would be overwhelmed without someone talking you through what was going on?

If you took a class without any experience did you feel like you were just thrown to the wolves?

If you answered yes at all to ANY of these questions, THAT IS A PROBLEM! You should not have to experience ANY of the things I listed above. There is no excuse for it.  You see, whether you are completely brand new, have previous experience, are athletic, or non-athletic EVERYONE experiences a little anxiety when they are walking into the unknown.  When you go into a place where their responsibility is to help you improve yourself, you should never have to experience any of the things listed in this section.  If you do, then honestly just leave and go somewhere else. Anyone who walks in our doors is part of our team, and if we fail to show that then PLEASE LET US KNOW, WE WILL ONLY THANK YOU FOR IT!

Fast Action Breeds Faster Results!

What’s the point of joining a fitness class, martial arts school, or any other establishment where you are specifically trying to focus on improving yourself constantly on a steady basis IF YOU’RE JUST ANOTHER NUMBER! Man, this is something that honestly has bothered me before when I experienced it. In the past I’ve joined programs and after a few months of being there, the instructors, teachers, and coaches STILL didn’t know who I was! I’m talking about even the main person in charge! It took them over a month to even remember my name.

By nature humans are social creatures. There have been many case studies done comparing the effects of humans when they were alone and in isolation compared to when they where with others and had a strong support system.  It always comes out that those who have others around them to support them were much happier and much more successful.  The most successful people in the world ALL have mentors/coaches to help them a long the way.

That is why we LIMIT the number of members we take in ALL of our programs.  By doing so we can always do the best we can to give individual attention and support to those apart of our team.  You are not a number, you are an asset to everyone on the team and just as important as any other person NO MATTER WHAT!

A Body and Ability You Could Have
Never of Imagined!

What if you could change your body and mind in ways you could have never of imagined?  Would you? I can’t see you right now but can you do me a favor?  RAISE YOUR HAND for every single one of the things listed below that you would like to accomplish:

Raise your hand if you want to be challenged competitively and win championships!

Raise your hand if you currently train somewhere but your goals aren’t being met.  Maybe you want to push yourself more or compete, or have stronger training partners but you’re not getting that.

Raise your hand if you’re looking for someone to push you to limits you didn’t think you can reach!

Raise your hand if you’re overweight and don’t want to be anymore!

Raise your hand if you used to be very athletic but it fell off and you want that back!

Raise your hand if you have trouble breathing during activities, if you want to be able to keep up with your kids!

Raise your hand if you are not as strong as you want to be, are not as agile as you want to be, don’t have the balance or coordination you would like BUT you’re willing to do the work to get those things!

Raise your hand if you want to know what it’s like to feel like an ATHLETE regardless of your current physical ability!

DID YOU RAISE YOUR HAND? If YES, then do one even better and contact us. And if you didn’t actually raise your hand because there were other people around but you WANTED to then also click on this link and contact us right now.

A Mind Stronger Then Ever!

Most people who contact me say these four common things to me:

I’m bored with the gym

I need something to do besides sit on the couch after work or school and I want to do something new

I want to compete and win championships.  I want to challenge myself.

I need to lose weight and the gym isn’t working for me.


Now you may not realize this or not but this has to do with 3 things that you may be struggling with.

1. Motivation – It is all to common for people to have problems keeping motivated to do things THAT WILL HELP YOU. What we do at GGA, is we practice being motivated in and outside of the facility and with practice forms habit and with habit forms results.

2. Commitment – Now the second biggest problem a lot of people have after motivation (because you need motivation to get started) is commitment.  You can get motivated all day but if you don’t have the commitment you will never finish what you started.  Having the ability to finish what you started goes hand and hand with motivation.

3. Lack of Challenge – Let’s be honest here.  If people didn’t like challenge then life would be boring. It’s true.  Yeah I know, most people don’t want things to feel “impossible” but we all want some sort of challenge.  If you lack being challenged you are going to get bored REALLY QUICK! At GGA you WILL BE challenged for sure. And in a good way.  When you feel like the challenge may be to hard, you have a sweet support system to help you. This is the best part. You’re going to be a stronger minded person for sure.  And if you want to get even more of a challenge, we have tons of people who compete in tournaments to test themselves and have even more to work for.  We are one of the best, if not the best competition schools in the area.

Without the combination of the three then you have an incomplete puzzle.  You have something that “seems” like it’s going to work but then it crumbles only to lead to disappointment, being discouraged, and bringing you back to where you started. That’s why having a strong focus on motivation, commitment, and being challenged is important in our programs.  We constantly practice these three aspects and then is starts to become contagious.


Working Hard + Fun = The Perfect Balance

Balance in Your Life and Confidence
In Your Abilities!

When you think of working out, doing martial arts, or any other activity what do you think about the most?  Do you think about the physical benefits, what about the mental benefits?  Here’s another one. Do you ever think about the EMOTIONAL benefits?  Yes I said emotional.   Now you may be thinking, what’s exactly is the difference between mental benefits and emotional benefits? That is actually a great question.

I like to say that emotional benefits are the brother or sister of mental benefits because they are so closely related.  PLEASE REALIZE THIS: EVERY SINGLE GOAL YOU REACH YOU MUST HAVE YOUR MENTAL STATE UNDER CONTROL TO REACH IT. WITHOUT A STRONG MIND YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED.  So it goes without further saying that mental prowess is huge! Now let’s get back to the emotional aspects of the mental benefits.

Things that fall under this category are:

Confidence – Having the ability to walk with your head high and stomp through every obstacle in your way with conviction and knowing that you trust in your abilities to get EVERYWHERE you want to be.  If you start with confidence you will be setting yourself up for success.

Resilience – The ability to get back up if you fall down. The ability to work things out when you fail.  The ability to not know what it’s like to feel like you didn’t succeed because you always adjust and go back at it until you do.

Perseverance – The ability to put up a brick wall and block out any difficult obstacle that comes your way.  You always keep going.  Accepting failure is not an option.  Success is the only path you know and failure just brings you one step closer to success because you learn from it and move forward even FASTER!

Now let me ask you these important questions:

Who do you have helping you keep your confidence strong?

How often do you have people pushing you to be stronger physically and mentally?

Have you ever failed and then quit?

Have you ever come across something difficult and then stopped working on it?

Do you really know what it feels like to do something hard because YOU did not stop working towards your goal?


Time Does Not Stop Moving, So If You Do Then You Are Only Declining.  You Are Either Improving Or You Are Not ~ Which Do You Choose?

A Network of Support That Was Hidden All This Time!

If you’re at the gym by yourself do you workout as well as you do or even better then if you were with a friend?

If you were working through something difficult would you do better without any encouragement?

Are you motivated more when you are alone?

Can you improve in athletic endeavors without training partners?

If you were trying to lose 50 pounds would it be easier for you to do it without someone pushing you when times get hard, when you feel like you’re going to break?

Do you become mentally and emotionally strong when those around you make it difficult for you to reach your goals?

If you said YES to any of these questions then DO NOT CALL US, DO NOT EMAIL US, AND DO NOT VISIT US because you must be the strongest minded person in the world and if that’s the case, actually please contact us becsause I WANT TO BE YOUR STUDENT!

No but seriously, it’s extremely rare and practically impossibe to find the type of person who can answer yes to those types of questions. And if they can, they are most likely not living a life that is as fulfilling as they think.

You would be extremely surprised on how much even just a little bit of support can help you do things in ways you would have never of thought.

“Rave Review!”

I have always had an interest in learning BJJ; unfortunately my time has always been limited. This past November I decided to take the leap and join GGA. I am glad that did. Jason and his students at GGA welcomed me with open arms. I was made to feel welcome right away. From my very first day at GGA I received nothing but words of encouragement from Jason and his students. Jason has a unique ability of teaching lesson plans that students at all levels can understand and implement. I find GGA to be a comfortable atmosphere to learn and excel in. I am proud to call myself a member of this school and team.

Daniel McGarry

White Belt

Ocean, NJ

It is Amazingly Empowering to Have the Support of a Strong, Motivated, and Inspirational Group of People

~ Susan Jeffers

A word that we use to describe ourselves very often is that we are a TEAM.  We are not individuals but a group. Were are a group that strives together, grows, together, and succeeds together. When you walk in our door from the first day  you are  now apart of our team. Why? Because you are apart of the small percentage that got past the first road block and stepped out of your comfort zone to actually try something that you feel can help you be a better person or challenge yourself more then you do now. For that you have passed the important requirement to become apart of the team.  And we will welcome you as apart of our team as soon as you walk in the door. It is then up to YOU to stay on the team and work hard to reach your goals.  That’s all we look for…someone who has the DESIRE to reach their goals and actually tries.


The Champions Mindset

When You Learn to Apply The Champions Mindset in Your Life

You learn how to work harder

You learn how quitting shouldn’t be an option

You learn how to set goals

You learn how to be more confident

You learn how to SMASH every challenge in your way

You learn how to come back from slumps, ruts, failures and thrive

You learn how to be a CHAMPION in competition

You learn how to be a CHAMPION in life!

We will help you practice and achieve the champion mindset in many aspects of your life.

“Rave Review!”

The Grapplers Guide Academy is the best martial arts school in Central Jersey. Jason Scully has won countless Grapplers Quest, NAGA, and US Grappling matches and won a bronze medal at the IBJJF BJJ World Championships and continues to compete and win on a regular basis. If you are someone who wants to compete in Jiu Jitsu, Jason is the best coach out there. I know for a fact that Jason’s expert coaching is a key part of the success that I’ve had in competition. Jason goes over techniques in class in a very clear and precise way while also providing students with concepts that they can apply to improve there whole jiujitsu game. Jason is tremendously knowledgeable about all aspects of Jiu Jitsu, and will make every student the best that they can be. The people here are all very friendly which makes GGA a very chill environment. In fact , everyday after training you’ll find Jason answering people’s questions, people working on techniques, or even just talking about the latest video games. I am proud to call Jason my friend and teacher and proud to be a member of the Grappler’s Guide Academy !

Chris Ulbricht

Purple Belt

Oceanport, NJ

The Top 11 People We Are Looking
For to Join Us!

We have so many different types of people who are at our facility and take advantage of our programs and they ALL have one common trait. They are WILLING TO GIVE US AND THEMSELVES A SHOT IN WORKING TOWARDS THEIR GOALS! THAT IS OUR #1 REQUIREMENT! Below I will be talking about all different types of people we are looking for and who are welcome at our facility but regardless:


Are You Willing to Give it a True Shot?

How much are you willing to work to become the person you envision?

Are you willing to give something a true shot if it’s going to lead you into the direction that you are looking to reach?

You want to be a champion? You willing to work for it?

You want to lose weight and get in better shape? Are you willing to work for it?

Are You A Former Athlete?

When you were in high school and/or college did you participate in competitive sports?

Did you play soccer, football, wrestle, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, track or any other competitive sport when you were younger, and you don’t happen do to it now? 

Are you looking to fill that competitive void from the past?

Are you a former wrestler who still has the itch to compete but has an open mind to learn new things? If so contact us right now?


Are You Someone Who Has the Inner Motivation and Can Use Help Bringing it Out?

Do you feel like you want to work hard and that you are having trouble bringing out that inner motivation?

Do you respond better when there is someone working with you and working out with you? 

Do you respond well to encouragement?

If someone gives you a roadmap to follow would you follow it?

Are You Currently an Active Athlete and Looking For a New Challenge and Endeavor?

Are you currently an active athlete competing in a sport but are looking for something different?

Are you not being challenged anymore in your current sport and you want to try something new?

Does your competitive edge need to be tested?

Do you LOVE competition and want to test yourself? If so, good because we have a bunch of competitive people WHO are teammates and don’t use their ego to beat their partners. They use their support to help each other become champions.


Are You Someone With a Strong Work Ethic and You’re Looking for A New Outlet to Put Your Energy Into?

Is your work ethic strong and you need to be pushed even harder?

Do you need to feed that drive? 

Do challenging tasks get you motivated and make you want to work harder?

Do You Lack a Good Support System and Are You Looking for Good People to Help Keep You Focused and Motivated?

Are you surrounding yourself around people that you want to be like or no?

Are you missing that support system for your goals from those around you? 

Do you have people close to you shooting down your goals, or even making it difficult for you?

Is your success being sabotaged by those you feel should be helping you?

Could You Use Help Setting and Achieving Goals and If You Received That Help Would You Work 100% For Them?

Is goal setting not one of your strong suits?

Do you set goals often but lose focus and then end up not completing them?

If you received support from others helping you reach your goals would you take it?

Do You Love Getting in a Great Workout But You’re Looking for Something Different, Challenging, and Can Also Stimulate Your Mind?

Are you someone that loves getting in a great workout?

Does sweat and soreness make you hungry to work even more? 

Does your adrenaline rush every time you get a hard workout in?

Do you thrive on fitness challenges?

Could You Use Help Increasing Your Confidence so You Can Face The World With Your Head High?

Is confidence something that isn’t easy to come by?

Do you walk around often with your head down?

Do you get intimidated before you start certain activities or projects?

Would having a little more confidence help you in your personal life?

Are You Someone Who is Struggling to Lose Weight Because You Are Having Trouble Staying Focused and It Just Seems Like a Burden More Then an Adventure?

Are you 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or even 60+ pounds overweight?

Did you used to be lower in weight but then you gained weight it due to either reduction in actively or an increase in stress?

Do you find it hard to get back to your old weight?

Are you going back and forth between workouts and diets?

Are you having trouble getting the fire started so you can start reaching your fitness goals?

“Rave Review”

I started training with Jason Scully in Nov 09. I was interested in BJJ for a long time and decided to give it a shot. I was hooked from the free class I attended. I didn’t need the 30 days free to know that I was getting the best training. I signed up that week. And have been going about 3 days a week ever since. I have seen huge progress in my bjj game. Jason breaks down combinations from all positions during the drilling part of class and makes it easy as possible to understand and works with you till you get it. I went in at what I thought was good shape being a taller guy at 190 lbs. I’m now at 175 just from training. I’ve made a bunch new friends at the GGA. There are no egos on the mats and its a great feeling as a beginner. I think anyone who has some interest in BJJ should try out the Grapplers Guide Academy with one of the best instructors around!!

Matt Leimbach

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

White Belt

Let’s Get You Started! Remember, As Soon A We Reach Our Limit, We Close Registration and Start a Waiting List


Our school is unlike any Brazilan Jiu-Jitsu school you’ll ever experience. You’ll feel like a special person from the moment you walk into the doors of our academy. You won’t believe how friendly our students and our staff are. When you first come into the school, we will show you around and answer any questions that you may have. You will then participate in a class that is suited for you and what you are looking for.

There is nothing that should keep you from giving our program a shot. I Guarantee that you will love our program from the moment you walk into our facility. If you’re new to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai Kickboxing, or working out, I must warn about you a few things. Most importantly you should know that schools are not created equally, and it is very important that you make an educated decision before picking a school.

If you don’t think you enjoy a friendly atmosphere, a team spirit, and people that will go out of their way to make you the best person you can be, then this may not be the place for you, but if you are serious, so are we and there is nothing that should keep you from giving our program a try in Red Bank, New Jersey.

How do I apply?

You can send us a message with some contact information by clicking here and filling out the form at the bottom of that page, or by calling us at 732-397-2048, or by emailing us at

And If You’re Still Not Satisfied…



Are you still worried that you may join our school and end up regretting it?

You will NEVER regret joining our program.

How confident am I of that statement? I am so confident we are also the ONLY school to offer a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

If after sixty days at The Grapplers Guide Academy, if you can honestly tell us that you have not seen any improvement – we will give you your money back! You have to actually give us a shot though!

Why don’t other schools offer a money back guarantee? Because they are NOT confident in their product.

I am not running a charity… I offer a 60 day money back guarantee because I am 100% positive that if you come to my academy – you will love it. You will try us out, join our gym, and never even consider using our money back guarantee. This is not a gamble to me – I know you will love it at The Grapplers Guide Academy.

How do I apply?

You can send us a message with some contact information by using our filling out the form by clicking here, or by calling at 732-397-2048, or by emailing at

Jason Scully

Head Instructor

BJJ Black Belt

Top of Middletown Firehouse

336 Highway 35 South

Red Bank, NJ 07701


P.S. You may be wondering what the catch is. Here it is. We know that almost anyone who is interested in realistic martial arts training will enroll with us. They will tell their friends who will tell theirs because our level of service and training quality is unmatched. This is our way or introducing ourselves to you in that hope that you will try us and become a lifetime friend and customer. So contact us today, pick up that phone and call 732-397-2048 or click this e-mail address ( and write us!!

P.P.S. DO YOU WANT TO JOIN BUT ARE STUCK IN A CONTRACT WITH ANOTHER MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL OR FITNESS STUDIO? Again, not a problem. Ask for a photocopy of your contract, bring it to us, and we will credit you the cancellation fee or whatever months are left on the contract up to $200 towards your registration with us! NOTHING SHOULD BE STOPPING YOU FROM TRYING US OUT!