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Mike Gilleece

Garden State BJJ is much more than just a place to learn top-notch jiu-jitsu. From the moment you walk in the door for the first time you’ll feel welcome, in an ego-free, friendly, supportive and nurturing learning environment. Whether your goal is to become a championship competitor or just to become the best version of yourself (or anywhere in between), you’ll have come to the right place. It is so rare to find instructors who are just as talented at teaching techniques as they are at successfully performing them on the competitive stage. While they have a deep understanding and insight into the art, they themselves are always evolving and creatively cultivating new approaches to their jiu-jitsu game. Even though there’s serious technical training and challenging workouts taking place, there’s never a shortage of fun.

I simply can’t recommend Garden State BJJ highly enough. Despite commuting to the school from far away (beyond several schools geographically closer to home), I wouldn’t dream of training anywhere else instead. Once you come on in and give it a try, you’ll no doubt feel the same way.

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Andrea Cerruti

(Fair Haven, NJ)

I've been going to GSBJJ for just about 6 months after beginning with absolutely no martial arts experience, and it really has been one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. The people there are the most supportive, friendly, and talented you'll ever meet, each one of them working their hardest to improve in every class.

The instruction always feels personal, even in the bigger classes, and you never feel like you can't ask questions. Coaches and upper belts are always right there ready to help anyone that needs it. Even on days that I'm the only girl or the only white belt in class, I still feel like I belong there and can get a solid day of training.

The school itself is very well-kept and managed. The mats are always clean and there are strict hygiene rules to make sure everyone stays healthy and happy.

If you've ever been on the fence about trying it, or have just found this by accident like I did, I would (and do!) recommend Garden State BJJ to anyone and everyone. And don't be surprised if jiu jitsu gets its hooks in you after only one class, that just means you get to start loving it that much sooner!

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