GSBJJ Takes Home 14 Medals From NAGA Competition | Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Middletown NJ



15179138_1161827963908429_4380738017326462497_nCongrats to all the GSBJJ students who competed at NAGA and thanks to everyone who came out to watch and support! The event was held at the Sportsplex complex in Edison and featured divisions for all ages and skill levels.

The GSBJJ TEAM had an amazing performance with:
•Devin G. double gold Gi and No Gi
•Nick G. 1st place gold Gi
•Ryan G. 1st place gold Gi
•Ryan M. 1st place gold Gi
•Tara R. 1st place gold, 2nd place silver in another division
•Kristine B. 1st place gold no gi
•Mike Alaia 1st place gold no gi
•Melissa G. 2nd place silver no gi, 2nd place Gi
•Victoria A. 2nd place silver place Gi
•Evan Huff 2nd place silver Gi
• Alan N. 2nd place silver Gi

Win or lose we are always proud of all our competitors who challenge themselves and step out on the competition mats.