Huge night of Promotions at GSBJJ! New Blue Belts and Black Belts! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Red Bank | Monmouth County BJJ

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2nd Degree Black Belt Coach Jason Scully along with Black Belt Coach Chris promoted the first GSBJJ students to black belt!
Black beltys
Danilo Londe started training with Jason as a white belt and has been training at GSBJJ since its opening. Danilo is one of the toughest guys on the mats at GSBJJ and does well in every competition he does. Futhermore, he is always happy to answer any questions from other students and help in any way he can.
Chris And Jason with Danilo Being Promoted
Abraham Loo started training at GSBJJ more then a year ago, already bringing over a decade of training on the mats with him. He has become an important and respected member of the team. It was an honor to assist MY mentor Jason Scully and to be a part of his first two promotions to the rank of black belt.
Abe being promoted

Coach Chris and Coach Jason also promoted 4 to the rank of BLUE BELT!
Blue belts

Barry Coleridge – Who Chris met while working as a bouncer at the Dublin House bar in the early days of GSBJJ. He needed a hobby to work towards some goals and has doing great since he started a year and a half ago. He has made tremendous progress and inspires others around him.
Barry Chris and Jason

Danny Puma- Who has been assisting with both the younger and older kids classes for over two years and who has developed a technical solid fundamental style. Dan is also extremely friendly and hardworking and loved by all the kids and parents.
Dan Puma promoted

David Mountzouris – Been training at GSBJJ for over a year and a half. Has an great attitude, tested himself in competition, and one of the best students a coach could ask for in terms of wanted to learn and appreciating his time on the mats.

Dave M promoted

And finally Giseli Mello – Giseli (and Danilo) made more history by being the first husband and wife who both train at GSBJJ, and the first husband and wife to be promoted on the same night! Giseli has a technical game and a tenacious no-quit mindset that allows her to have great success in her training. She’s a always happy to learn and a pleasure to have as part of the GSBJJ team.
Chris and Jason with Giseli being promoted

We could not be more proud of everyone at GSBJJ and at the Situs JUDI SBOBET online Football, tennis, hockey, basketball, esport and and casino games. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it tonight!
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-Coach Chris

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